Scholar Testimonials

  1. Two of us were recipients of IARFI scholarship. Without the scholarship none of us five children can go to college. Thank you IARFI and to its founder, Mr. Ninno Rios.

                                                                Diane Royo


                                                           3rd year B.S.B.A.


  1. May pamilya na ako, still IARFI supported my studies. Ang utang na loob ko sa IARFI scholarship foundation ni Mr. Ninno Rios ay habang buhay.

                                                        Gloree Vee Rollan


                                                       4th year Education


  1. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa IARFI and to its President, Mr. Ninno Rios, because it gave me a chance to go to college. Thanks to IARFI.

                                                         Lani Riano


                                                       4th year BEED

  1. IARFI is a big help to the poor especially that my father is jobless and we are 8 in the family. Big thanks to Mr. Ninno Rios and IARFI for what I am now.

                                                  Aldryn Torrefiel


                                              Lecturer-Math RSU-SFC

  1. If not for IARFI, I would not have gone to college. Thank you for the chance to reach to college. Special thanks to sir Ninno Rios!

                                                        Laica Rada


                                                     2nd year BEED

  1. I believed in the saying, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan di makakarating sa paroroonan” thats why besides being thankful, I hope to share to others what IARFI gave me. Salamat most especially to your sir Ninno (Rios).

                                                  Christian Rivas


                                                3rd year Education


  1. Father left us when I was 3 years old and we were four. Mother became a household helper and we barely finish elementary and high school. Thanks to IARFI for my profession. Good health and more success to the family who created IARFI headed by Mr. Ninno Rios

                                                   Jerome Huit


                                           Lecturer-Math RSU-SFC

  1. IARFI is an institution founded by Mr. Ninno Rios that brings hope to the less fortunate but deserving students that help mold citizens and leaders of our society.

                                              Marcial Riano


                                              Filipino Teacher


  1. We are ten in the family, father is jobless mother is maid. Without IARFI, I am not what I am now. Sir Ninno (Rios), thank you!

                                          Ma. Lyn Amador


                                          Volunteer Teacher 

  1. Because of poverty, I worked in Manila, but was accused of crime; I didn’t commit, was jailed for 5 years, but released for insufficient evidence. I went home and IARFI scholarship helped me regain my future and my person. Its founding benefactor, Mr. Ninno Rios really has extended this opportunity for me to have a renewed hope.

                                               Joel Bacsal


                                English Teacher-DCMMNHS

  1. My parents were hard up with and my brother’s studies but IARFI come to the rescue and realized my dreams. God bless IARFI and More power! God bless, Mr. Ninno Rios, President of IARFI!

                                            Rea L. Rivas


                    Teacher-Cambalo National High School

  1. I’m 2nd year taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. IARFI helped my tuition fee and monthly allowance. Thank you so much. Thank you Sir Ninno Rios for your help.

                                                Jun Royo


  1. Without IARFI, I can’t go to college. My family and I are thankful to IARFI and its founder, Mr. Ninno Rios for giving me a chance of a good future.

                                            Jonalyn Rivas


                                            2nd year BSIT

  1. I am lucky to be chosen as IARFI scholar. Thank you and God Bless to the Rios Family.

                                             Lea Rabino

                                 Biological Science Major

                                                4th  year


  1. My sister and I benefited from the IARFI scholarship. Now both of us are licensed teachers with noble jobs. Thank you IARFI for being a catalyst of our lives, from nobody to somebody. God bless you and more power. May you be more blessed, Sir Ninno Rios!

                                             Karen R. Rios


                                  Lecturer-English RSU-SFC

  1. Father was a carpenter, mother a housekeeper. With four in the family, going to college is difficult, but IARFI was our savior. My sister and I were beneficiaries. I am proud to be IARFI’s student president in RSU. Thanks to IARFI, especially to Mr. Ninno C. Rios

                                           Carmela Aganan


                           Cum Laude – Licensed Teacher


  1. IARFI gave me a clear picture of what is my future: I am forever thankful to IARFI and the people behind it. Thank you and more blessings to you, Mr. Ninno Rios and your family always!

                                           Noriel Rogon


                        Cum Laude – Licensed Teacher

  1. Thank you IARFI and your founder, Mr. Ninno Rios for being the most important exponent in the attainment of my success. May your mission of helping the poor but deserving students continue.

                                              Karen Royo


                         Cum Laude – Licensed Teacher

  1. Mother was a single parent; I am now a licensed teacher because of IARFI. Thank you sir Ninno Rios.

                                             Karen Rosas


                                       Licensed Teacher

  1. Completely orphaned, IARFI became a ray of hope for me to realize my dreams. Language is not enough to express my gratitude especially to Chairman Ninno C. Rios.

                                        Niño Gabriel Abiera


                                              3rd year BSIT

  1. Even though I’m a bit older than my classmates, IARFI still supported me in my studies and became a teacher. It was difficult to find a job and until now I’m hoping for IARFI to continue helping me find a job. Thank you Mr. Ninno Rios, IARFI President.

                                           Liberty Rogon




  1. Thank you to the people behind IARFI, for it gave me and my sister a chance to become professionals and with a job. This we owe to Sir Ninno C. Rios of IARFI.

                                          Diana Rose Rios


                        Teacher-España National High School

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